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Options for the Royalty? Click on the various options to see ideas for the future of the Royalty.

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The Royalty Consultation

Residents have say about the future of a rebuilt Royalty!
Despite the massive fire which has consumed the main auditorium Harborne Royalty Trust (HRT) are still working to acquire and restore the Royalty Cinema in the West End of Harborne village saving it from complete demolition by outside speculators. We believe a rebuilt Royalty will not only bring this rare art deco building back to life but rejuvinate Harborne High Street.
HRT are looking at a number of options to finance the acquisition, restoration and to ensure a viable future whilst providing a public amenity.

HRT have formed a relationship with a cinema operator and with them have made a pre-application planning submission to Birmingham City Council which has been given strong support both by the planning department and conservation panel.
This proposal would include a rebuilt Royalty with the potential for several small cinemas, restaurant, café and some community space. This remains a very strong option and whilst the designs were based on the original building they are just as pertinant to a rebuilt one.
HRT are also receiving other commercial expressions of interest which are expanding our options for partnership arrangements. We know from the responses to previous engagement with the public there is enthusiasm for provision of other activities at a rebuilt Royalty. Working with our own architects and as part of the consultation, we are putting forward a number of options for the site which are illustrated by the visualisations you can see here on the website or at our consultation events.
None of these options are set in stone, and for this reason HRT have been asking you what you want through the opportunity to take part in our survey.

HRT are now beginning the evaluation of the responses. HRT will then evaluate the best possible combination of options to meet the objectives of public support, funding streams and revenue delivery.

We have held a number of consultation events where you could meet with us, view the potential designs and share your thoughts.

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