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The Auditorium

The auditorium will remain a key part of the restoration. Posssibly the most challenging because of its size. The auditorium retains some of the most decorative features.

How could it be used?              Theatre? Film? Comedy Nights? Give us your ideas as part of the Survey.

The upper circle seating remains, providing plenty of seating space and has excellent views of a stage or screen.

The seating under the Circle has long gone having been removed to make space for Bingo tables. This space could now be used for providing community rooms, small cinemas or other facilities.

In the visualisation the stalls area below the original screen space is shown set out with tables and chairs. Instead there could be retractable seating or it could be used as a dance floor.

Tell us what you think . Click here to access the survey.
We have worked closely with our architects Miller Kendrick to develop these proposals which at the consultation events have caught the imagination of the public.

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